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MORE SONGS FROM LAST CENTURY is the new record for New Zealand's finest punk rock band, SOMMERSET.
This is more of a compilation than a new record, featuring almost everything they recorded in the 90's, all of which is impossible to find these days. This is definitely one worth checking out for fans of SOMMERSET.
Also check out their latest full lenth, FAST CARS, SLOW GUITARS....
This is the new demo by Melbourne band DEMONOTHER featuring members of FALLOUT, MINDSNARE and NATION OF HATE. Think BRUTAL TRUTH meets TERRORIZER. Theres alot of hate in this band....
DESOLATION WITHIN BLEACHED CONFINMENT is the latest offering from Brisvegas hardcore stalwarts, GODNOSE. Anyone who bought their last record, ODESSA, knows how great this band is, and those not knowing who they are, should check this record out. if you like your hardcore fast and brutal, this is the record for you....
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